Carrying steel with high quality and fair value around the world

VMC Steel Group is a global group who is one of the most important steel trading companies in steel field, non ferrous and Machining parts. Headquartered in Forida USA, we set up 2 subcompanies in China and Brazil. Verticaly intergrated the Chinese resouces with lower prices, combining the high quality standard with efficient service, we commit ourselves to offer the most competitive price and best service to our respectable worldwide customers.

As a professional player in three fields, Special Steel, Non Ferrous and Machining we are focus on each one as following:

  1. Special Steel Industry: our service range including TOOL STEEL, ALLOY STEEL, CARBON STEEL, HIGH SPEED STEEL, etc. in shapes of round bar, flat bar, hollow bar, pipe, plate, block and precise parts…Meanwhile, we are able to offer heat treatment and further process, for example Quenched and Tempered, Normalized, Annealed as well as machining, peeling, polish, cutting and etc
  2. Non Ferrous industry: such as Aluminium, Brass, Bronze and Copper are metals which do not contain noticeable amounts of Iron, not magnetic and are generally more corrosion resistant than other metals. VMC Steel Group offers competitive prices for ALL Non Ferrous Metals.
  3. Machining: VMC Steel Group is able to produce products with commitment, agility and precision to meet the strictest standards of quality.

Not only focus on high quality, we are also confident to offer lower prices to help our customers to seize the market with more profit. VMC Steel Group would be very pleasured to work with customer as long term strategic partner, and we are warmly welcome for your calling or visiting to our companies in USA, China and Brazil.


Being a reputable global trading company recognized of its quality, competition, reliability and efficiency.


To offer the best global solution of higher quality products with lower cost and prompt service for our customer to get more profit in our long term win-win corperation.


Honesty, not only to personal, but also to customer;

Teamwork, between our customer and VMC Steel Group;

Success, growing up and fighting together to reach success for everyone;

Satisfaction, among customer, VMC, and supplier.